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Classes are taught in Miss Mandy's home in Sandy Utah.

Miss Mandy's Studio is located in Sandy Utah
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Curriculums Taught:

Sound Beginnings Classes (ages 0-4)
  • A parent and me music class.
  • There are 6 non-sequential semesters, each 15 lessons long.
Let's Play Music Classes (starts at ages 4-6)
  • A piano based music theory course.
  • Let's Play Music is a 6 semester program taught over the course of 3 years.
Let's Play Music Bridge Classes
  • This course is offered to Let's Play Music graduates.


"I am grateful for what I'm learning right along with my son. I've been singing for years, but have missed out on learning the theory behind it. I am excited to get to learn it right with my child.”

"I feel this is a fun and creative method to instruct younger children in the theory of music and piano. I am impressed at how engaged my child has been. She weekly looks forward to her music class."

— Shirley

"We just love the program and love seeing all that Bryce has learned. I cannot think of how it can get any better!"

— Sara

"LPM is a fun way to give a child a good foundation in music theory. I have studied music for years and this program has even taught me a lot! My daughter doesn't even know she is learning-- she just knows she is having fun."

— Kara

"I Love LPM! My first child is almost done and has learned so much! He will just go sit at the piano and start playing. I think this class has given him a love of music!"
"Mandy does a great job keeping the kids focused and always has a ton of energy! She was born for this!"

— Laura

"Love, love, love this program! It's amazing to see how much my daughter learns when she doesn't even realize it. we are LPM fans for life and its only been 1 semester!"

— Julie
Mandy's Let's Play Music Studio